Mission Statement

Our purpose is to raise awareness and funds for predominately male types of cancers including, prostate, testicular and penile cancer. However, we do not limit our charitable support to male-only cancers and provide a series of fundraising schemes covering most cancer types. It is our mission to raise awareness for male cancers to the same status as female cancer types.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

It is a fact that across the UK people’s lives are more sedentary, the average Briton does not receive the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week as prescribed by the NHS. It is our aim to promote a healthier lifestyle across the UK attracting all types of people from across the UK whom can support each other in their goal of being fitter for life.

Evaluating Objectives

Our charity focuses on providing vital funding to cutting-edge research in the UK. We work in partnership with Universities researching early diagnosis techniques and preventative methods. We regularly review the landscape of cancer research and make assessments regarding the most effective uses for your money.

Under 16’s & Over 65’s Run Free

Our events are Free to under 16 and over 65 runners, it is our goal to promote fitness and mobility in these age groups.  Younger people are suffering from record levels of obesity in the UK, we aim to help reduce this trend.  The older generation are living longer, with our help we will maintain their levels of fitness and social interaction to their maximum potential.