Our Research Strategy, Prostate Cancer, Dr Hamdy

We don’t pretend that this will be easy, and we face huge challenges to achieve success, but we will meet these challenges head on. We don’t have all the answers; we don’t even have all the questions, but that shouldn’t stop us trying to achieve the best outcomes for men.

We will strive to make sure that more men with aggressive prostate cancer are diagnosed early, before it spreads outside the prostate, so that fewer slip through the net with advanced disease. We will also work towards better treatments for localised disease, and more effective, well-tolerated treatments for advanced prostate cancer. These outcomes are eminently achievable through a robust and multi-pronged research programme.

We know that we won’t be able to do this alone, so we aim to influence, and work in partnership with, other organisations with similar goals. We will focus our resources on areas where we can have the most impact. We have identified three key areas where there are gaps in knowledge or expertise, and where tackling them will make the most difference to men with, or at risk of, prostate cancer: Better diagnosis, Better treatment & Better prevention.