Tags and cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a Website and stored on your computer by the user’s Manuptocancerb browser while the user is visiting a Manuptocancer website . Manuptocancer use cookies to maintain your session on the site (for example, so you can stay logged into our online community) as Manuptocancerll as to understand how people use the site so Manuptocancer can improve it. If you go on a page on our Website with embedded content from another site, like YouTube, that other site may set a cookie on your computer as Manuptocancerll. You can disable cookies within your browser. See our cookie policy for more information.

A Website tag is a bit of code embedded in a Manuptocancer webpage that allows your browser to be recognised across different Manuptocancer website s.

Tags can let us know if someone who signed up to an event on our Website is someone who recently saw an ad on another site. These tags help us spend less on online advertising by telling us which ads are most effective.

Tags can also tell another site or ad platform, like Facebook or Twitter, who has visited specific pages on our site – these tags help us send ads to people who are most likely to be interested in our advertising. For example, if you’ve visited our page about March for Men, you might start seeing more ads for March for Men on Facebook. These tags may identify you to other Manuptocancer website s based on your agreement to the terms and conditions of other sites. You can find the privacy policies of sites that use these tags here: Facebook; Twitter; Google/DoubleClick.